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how to sing with taal Mahati GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 110 4
by pallavisree
what is the aroh avroh of raag gavati??? anandupakash GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 2,811 12
by pallavisree
Greetings ...and asking a question about Indian Oldies pop songs Leon T GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 19 0
by Leon T
Something original from me ! Blues with the sitar sung in a local Indian dialect. Sanjeeb MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 35 0
by Sanjeeb
Recently redone sitar video of mine with better quality. Sanjeeb MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 29 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag miya ki todi - Ustad Shamsuddin Faridi Desai - Rudra Veena westsea MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 64 1
by Sanjeeb
friends tell me please kllod GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 74 1
Need Suggestion for DJ'ing spinacademy GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 25 1
Pakistani Sitar Received Today.!!! MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 95 1
Is this sitar worth it? njb43 MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 112 9
by njb43
A raga a day keeps the COVID away westsea GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 80 1
by AllenDS
Use of third finger.
1 2 3 4
Blind Lemon Mike MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 740 57
by barend
Daily raga during India's shutdown AllenDS GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 35 0
by AllenDS
hopeless? katyrow MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 177 12
by ThunderBass95
Plz identify song GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 18 0
EQ'ing tablas gringobabu PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 140 7
by gringobabu
Lehra Studio Pro Vs Lehra Studio Ultimate mavaidya PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 841 3
by gringobabu
Sarond bridge fall Orochi MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 83 4
by Angelo Esmanhotto
Can someone help me identify this sitar? Baseball1995 MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 138 5
Free lehra availability? AnuB GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 20 0
by AnuB
Sarod skin replacement photos - courtesy of Kalyan Tomek MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,392 5
by deeplib77
The Jawari Thread.... Blind Lemon Mike MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 227 6
by Blind Lemon Mike
Fixing dilruba neck Bhajnam Kaur MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 50 2
by Bhajnam Kaur
Please help identify this song Nehal GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 19 0
by Nehal
Tabla Guru Needed In Carlsbad drtom PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 124 3
by Dhananjay Mishra

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