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Instrument ID katyrow MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 88 2
by katyrow
Please identify the song? blacklucas1 GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 43 0
by blacklucas1
Help -- Rikhi Ram Tanpura katyrow MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 58 2
by katyrow
Sitar from me: Raag Rageswari, Alap, Jor and Jhala. Sanjeeb MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 53 0
by Sanjeeb
Could this be a Necklace Rikhi Ram? Blind Lemon Mike MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 178 9
by streetdogs
Introducing My TalaVadyam! sridharrajagopal PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 630 3
by sridharrajagopal
Naeem Sitarmaker Sitar for Sale in Japan KingofCups MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 81 0
by KingofCups
Tabla Studio - Finally an app with real tabla teka :) kalyanstudioapps MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 88 1
by Pedraam
Can anyone help me on buying a male tanpura? Pedraam GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 44 0
by Pedraam
An excerpt from a Sitar concert of mine. Gat with Tans, Raag Yaman. Sanjeeb MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 31 0
by Sanjeeb
Indian Music and Emotions Marino GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 244 10
by Stephen.bansuri
High Pa fret?
1 2
by barend
Circa-1950 Mohan Singh katyrow MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 159 6
by Swani7
A well known Christian song, on sitar and voice with improvisations from me. Sanjeeb MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 39 0
by Sanjeeb
Hiren roy- Original or not?
1 2
by Behroo
Synthetic tabla Proxmire1 PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 595 5
by joshrudolph
Sarangi on Youtube Reuben Louis MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 47 0
by Reuben Louis
Sarangi Reuben Louis MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 175 4
by Reuben Louis
Paran Shivadhyanam PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 243 2
by Shivadhyanam
Instrument Dealer ThunderBass95 GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 83 0
by ThunderBass95
How Would I Know Which Note Of A Pair In A Thaat Is Used? zanshin777 GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 126 9
by Stephen.bansuri
Historical Stringed Instrument - Hamidi DrKashyap MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 93 0
by DrKashyap
U. Adbul Majid khan DrKashyap MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 59 0
by DrKashyap
Sarangi Teacher? Bhakti_108 MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 369 6
by Reuben Louis
Sarangi Teachers in Mumbai abcdmm MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 771 2
by Reuben Louis

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