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re: Parabrahman

my 2 cents:

This is a quote often found in literature with different words. But the basic discussion seemed to have been that the aesthetic concept of Rasa as propogated by writers like Bharata of Natya Shastra came to be compared with the methaphysical concept of universal Soul, Para Brahm or Nirvan. Rasa stems from a time when harp veena was in use, while the veena mentioned here is likely a fretted veena. Much of the musical knowledge had undergone change so that a vedic tradition cannot be assumed so easily. While Rasa was expressed in words of drama and dance, music was to be tuned to Rasa by the quality of sound, that is i. g. a specific interval had a particular musical colour and this was included within the concept of Rasas. Both Para Brahm and Rasa were thought of being the nature of sound, so both were compared and considered often equal.

Today Para Brahm can be considered the Logos, Sound structure that should have been there before the Big Bang of Creation or Nature. Para Brahm as Spirit can be understood by the laws of sound, knowledge of which had come to the early Indus Valley Civilization with the presence of harp veenas seen depicted then. After the advent of writing this knowledge became materialized in shastras offering often opportunity to confusion and much dispute.
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