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White India - Tabla Lesson 26 - Rupak Tal (7) kaida form / half speed rela improvisation composition

I've haven't seen the whole lesson but the beginning is quite engaging and fun to listen to!


My opinion given without any warranties, expressed or implied, that it's even relevant. It would be folly to rely on my opinion without seeking more professional tabla advice. If you are suffering from a tabla condition, seek immediate attention.

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Yup. That's a great lesson in the series that he is producing and posting on-line.

John J Millar is so generous with the details and the techniques that I always look forward to his postings of the lesson.He has made me a true, life-long student of tabla and the Indian music.

I just wish people would stop unfair criticism of John and keep attacking for trivial B******* when he asks for comments or just some feed back for the next lesson or taal etc. John shares all his knowledge with so much passion and a genuine desire to help all in the world of music and tabla playing. Just be grateful that there are caring and experienced people like John in the world, who expect nothing from the followers, other than simple caring and common goal of finding beauty and pleasure in playing tabla. If you don't have anything nice say, please refrain from cluttering up the site with negativity.
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