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italian customs :

12 kilos = 49 euro taxes.

no way for escape this.

australian customs i don't know.

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Originally Posted by "reemixx"
I don't appreciate such arrogance and elitism, and don't find this to be helpful at all.
Calm down there sparky. It's too bad if KC's response was not helpful for you, but the fact is he was trying to be helpful and was actually giving good advice, so it's really not fair to attack him because the advice wasn't what you wanted to hear.

How is it arrogant to suggest you take a few lessons before starting to look into tabla purchases? Would you spend time researching car models and looking for the right one before you learned how to drive? If you want to buy a tabla before finding a teacher, that is your choice - so go for it, and have fun. Generally speaking, however, this is not the right way to go for most beginning tabla students, and though you may have decided you're an exception to this, the other people on the board have no way of knowing that, so please do not be in a rush to interpret their genuine and sensible advice as "elitism."

The fact is, learning the basic techniques of tabla is, well, really damn annoying. It's repetitive and boring and takes several years before it really starts to get fun. Many people (especially those who have other instruments on which to fall back) are turned off during this stage and end up with nice tabla sets sitting in the attic gathering dust. KC doesn't know you, or your personality, and the advice he gave was certainly correct for a majority of interested students. If it's not for you, go ahead and ignore it, but there's no reason to attack him for giving sensible advice.

- V

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annamalayaar: There is no import duty or tax for most overseas items that are under AU$1,000 in Australia. Again, I'm not sure what this has to do with the thread.

Vivek: Your comments, like KC NYC's also suggest that I haven't done my homework beforehand, and I'm truly getting a little tired of all the similar replies I'm receiving in this thread. You're right, KC doesn't know me at all, so then why does he/she (and several others) assume that I need such basic advice like this? That wasn't the intention of this thread, as I have stated over and over again (has anyone actually read the title of this thread lately?) If I wanted to know how to get started playing tabla, I would have made a thread about it and actually asked.

Using your car analogy, how would you feel if you asked some simple questions about which tyres are best for certain road conditions, and instead received several replies telling you that it's probably a good idea to take a defensive driving course first, and giving you step by step instructions on how to do so?

Simply put, I'm not in a position where I have the luxury to "shop around" for a tabla teacher, and most of the tabla teachers/players I've contacted haven't been able to help me with acquiring a tabla set anyway because it's downright difficult to bring tabla into Australia. Whether most people take lessons before purchasing their tabla, or whether most people get bored learning tabla initially, is completely irrelevant to this thread. In fact, this thread has been dragged so far off topic that I really can't be bothered replying here anymore and sifting through all the rubbish to find the few morsels of useful advice.

For all those who have given me some helpful information, I appreciate it very much. Largely, though, I'm disappointed in the community here and expected more. Clearly, my expectations were far too high.

I'd appreciate it if a mod would close this thread. If that's not common practice here, then feel free to knock yourselves out with completely off-topic replies here, but I won't be participating in this conversation any longer.

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Originally Posted by "pumpik"
Mate, the truth is goats are goats whether in Mumbai or in Kolkata or in Delhi. Its not as if Mumbai goats are skinnier than Kolkata goats or Delhi goats, or vice-versa . It just depends on where the tabla maker buys his skins from. Mumbai makers buy their skins from the tanneries in Dharavi in Mumbai (skins procured from the abatoir in Deonaar Chembur Mumbai, mostly), Kolkata dunno where from, Delhi again dunno.
You seem to have misconception about Goat skins. Who told you that tabla makers buy goat skins from Dharavi tanneries in Mumbai ?
All the goat skins which come from the slaughter houses in Mumbai go to Tanneries in Dharavi for making 'Crush', a Processed form of leather(Chemically treated) which is used for making purses, bags, belts, Leather Jackets and other fancy items. I personally live in Chembur and the Deonar Slaughter house is only 15 mins by car from my house.
FYI,All Goat skins are taken to Dharavi for making Chemically Processed leather... not for making those that are used for tabla. Whether it is Mumbai or Pune, most tabla makers here, buy the Goat Skins from SOLAPUR, a City which is located at the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
There are Special Craftsmen who make the goat skins good enough to be used for making tablas. FYI, not all type of goat skins can be used for making tabla, there are grades in it. Its a lengthy process and requires special skills.
Hope this information clears your misunderstanding about goat skins.


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Hey Upendra

Thanks for educating me, much appreciate it.

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I'm a bit late to this thread, But reemix, have you checked out DMS's local retailer in Australia?

I'm not sure if they are any good, but hopefully they have experience getting tablas through customs...

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Another idea for a very special tabla beginner in australia :
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