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Originally Posted by "Hamletsghost"
Hey Carleton

Now that I've calmed down a little.

I agree completely with your point. I said that discourse & dissent is fine. We jut need to find a more zen way around it ......although a friendly dust up helps spice things up :wink:
We just need to respect each other and share this forum as friends and seekers of beauty.
I quite agree, but let's be fair here ... dismissing the inventor of the 22 shruti harmonium "a clown" (Trippymonkey) is not very "zen". Nor was his mocking response to Sanjeeb about his experimentation with sitar, essentially accusing him of "endless self-promotion" (That struck me as particularly egregious, and I took him to task for that in a private message. I'm not even sure that many people read it, since a few hours later, he removed it, and everything else with it). However knowledgeable he may be, it does not give him leave to brusquely dismiss the opinions or experimentation of others with a casual insult, which I regret to say he frequently did.

Calling me "totally clueless" (as mahadev=max did) in regards to what I thought was a reasonable post about the results of some scientific research about whether or not many famous singers actually stick to the 22 shruti tuning system (they don't) or more closely to the western equal tempered scale. I would not call that a "zen" response, or showing "respect" for each other. And his latest "armchair astronauts", etc..., remark is not particularly helpful either.


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continued here:

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