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Thanks for posting the new links of the hindi film song pages, David.

I was looking for them too and when they didn't show up in the search results i was worries they had gone.

i understand that certain forums might not get a lot of interest in terms of contributions, but i think they still serve a significant purpose as a reference. this is part of the nature of most forums; it is a place where you can look for discussions about a subject that interests you and where you can read what other people have to say about it, or how other people have resolved a problem you are dealing with.

i love this forum but i use it mainly to read and don't contribute much.

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Thank you for the kind words. But remember, except for flame wars, spam and info lost from server problems, it never goes away. Only the organization changes. about every year I re-examine the layout and navigation and make changes. As far as the Classical based songs, as mentioned earlier it is at:
and at:

If anyone wishes to discuss these matters, then the "general discussions" are the place to have it.

If I should find that activity in this area increases, or for that matter in any area, then I will always be ready to create a new forum.


David Courtney
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