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"...The interesting point to grasp, however, is that though the flower is physically speaking a group of modified leaves, yet it has an immediate relation to the root. The descending will in the root transforms itself into the generative force in the flower, The descending Ray of sound issued from the seed-tone after reaching its appointed depth, its own mulachakra or root center, in time rises again as ascending fire to the flower in the center of which the original seed is reconstituted. The cycle is thus completed, a cycle which in its universal meanings and applications constituted the basis of the archaic Mysteries. For instance, it is symbolized in the Promethean myth by the wanderings of the race of lo, its westward (or downward) journey, then its eastward (or upward) return to the seed-land of humanity wherein will be born, at the end of this Kali Yuga, the Kalki Avatar.
In other words We have a triple flow of energy, by understanding which we get a universal vision of all the musics of the world, at least in our present millions of years old humanity: the descending and ascending magnetic energy of the Harmonic Series, i.e., of the Ray incarnating and discarnating itself — and the ascending stream of manifested growth which is the result of the combination of two forces, the upward push born in the root and the upward pull created by the suction of the sun. The latter stream corresponds to what is known as the cycles of fifths or fourths, to what has been called the zodiacs of sound. It manifests outwardly in the spiral-like arrangements of the leaves on the stem. In a subsequent chapter we shall study this aspect of sound. On it ought to be based the true music of the West."
Dayne Rudhyar "The Rebirth of Hindu Music" chapter 4, Ascending and descending music.

"Words are said to have a delusive nature (Mahamaya Matrika) because the word itself, although it may contain a reference to an object is often surrounded by clusters or Kulas of lesser Shaktis...."
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