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Hi there!!

I presently own a Prakashi with 3 banks of Palitana reeds ( It is about 12 years old now, and good repairers in Malaysia are very hard to come by (with regards to major overhauling).

I have decided to buy a new harmonium that is better that what I presently have. I was looking at DMS, and could customise something I would have loved, however, the humidity in Delhi is 31%, and in Malaysia it is 63%+ . I thought that this would really affect the pitch when I got back. So, I thought of going to Bombay with a friend, and getting a harmonium there (as the climate is similar to Penang, Malaysia).

I want one that sounds really warm and rich with good deep bass. For sure, it has to be a 4 reed harmonium with at least a 9 scale changer. Something like this:
or something a little warmer than this:

Are there any reputable makers that are famous for their harmoniums in Bombay?

Otherwise, if I did buy one in Delhi, would I have a problem with the pitch running when I got back to Malaysian humidity?

Thanks all!


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Go to Ahmedabad. Not Sharma Brothers. Sur Sangeet is a small shop where you can buy. It is in Naranpura. I got a Paul & Co. scale changer from there a few years back.


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