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I was wondering if anyoe knows of any online audio/video sources or variations on:

GiRa Naga TeTe TeTe
GiRa NaGa NaGa TeTe
KeRa NaKa TeTe TeTe
GiRa NaGa NaGa TeTe

I'm curious of people's baya modulation and variations on this rhythm, which I tend to like very much for some reason.

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huh, that's an interesting sort of composition! I can't decide if it's a rela, a bandish, or just an excercise. I played it a while and I see why you like it, it has its charm. Anyway, I can't help you out with video or audio clips, but it did remind me of another similar piece which I'll share with you. It's also pretty short and simple:

Dhaghe tira kita tete ghira nagha tira kita
Taka tira kita tete ghira nagha tira kita

Really the composition is just "Dha trkt trkt Dha trkt" but you'll see how changing the bayan to make it "ghiranagha" makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

First variation (in shorthand):

Dg trkt trkt Dg trkt trkt Dgtt grng trkt
Dg trkt ttgrng trkt Dg trkt ttgrng trkt
(then khali)

For this comp I like to play lots of tirakita's in a row, such as:

Dg trkt Dg trkt Dg trkt Dg trkt trkt trkt


Dg trkt trkt trkt trkt trkt trkt Dg trkt

Anyway, I'm sorry this probably isn't what you really want, but maybe playing this will give you some more ideas for "grng tttt." I'll bet you're on the right track with it though, even if you don't know it: if you're striving to make that piece musical, then you'll undoubtedly find the right bayan modulation and variations on your own. Good luck!
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