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Thanks to tablabeatz for finding prof. Kippen's old tabla webpages on web.archive (which I did not know existed) I merged an old (and only) recording of Natthu Khan playing this venerable peshkar with prof. Kippen's transcription and uploaded to utube.

Transcribed by prof. Kippen from an old 1930s recording of Ustad Natthu Khan.

For historical details and analysis, see

Natthu Khan and the Delhi Peshkar

This short article is well worth reading for some historical details where he concludes that in the past:
Tabla was probably not nearly as rule-bound as many musicians would now have us believe.
One reason for this is that with variation #5 Ustad Natthu Khan in fact uses what is now recognized simply as a Delhi kaida, namely "Dha ti dha ge na dha ...."


p.s. for whatever reason utube has not properly synchronized the pictures with the audio track; not sure how to fix that yet.

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Wow good work Pascal in finding that recording and putting it together.

Never been a huge history buff for tabla - but I do find it quite interesting ! Particularly how Kippen said that recordings had to be short back then and Khan probably didnt play the 'full version' for "fear" that repeated listening may enable others to "steal" the material.

I find that quite amusing to say least - particularly how guarded artists were and some still are.
I think now in modern day artists are differentiating themselves more on the quality of their playing.

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