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Here is a true gem , watch this, you will see the great Ustad Asad Ali Khan explaining Ragas, singing, playing, and talking about music in perfect Urdu poetry.
There is more than one hour of footage, shot at his home in Asiad Village.
He was in great form and at perfect ease.
Seems to be a project that never made it to the editing stage.
The footage is uncut. The real thing !
In way almost better than a carefully edited and polished product.

A rare glimpse into the life of a legend. This is exactly what it was like when you visited him.
He was one of the most kind, regal, dignified and welcoming human beings you could ever wish to meet.
Always ready to share his knowledge and his music. Listen to a majestic Rag Jaunpuri.
This is really priceless. For his family, his students and music lovers all over the world.

Khan Saheb in his garden , quietly singing Jaunpuri, reflecting on the greatness of the Raga.
Beethoven in his garden, humming the fifth symphony to himself. When did you ever see that before ?

This is absolutely wonderful.

A big thanks to the uploader !

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