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trippy monkey

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Hi all again
No this isn't the final chapter of my India trip but something else regarding travels with my sitar. I hope this is enough to keep the post on the sitar forum. :?
I'll put the final bit on ( back to Varanasi from Chennai & back home with various 'tools') when Parcelforce, who delivered my damaged Black Beauty, have been sorted out. I can then close the door on that last trip.

I intend to fly across the pond in a few months WITH my sitar & other 'non-essentials'. I met a lovely couple from just outside Salt Lake City while in Hampi, south India & got an invite for around september. Making a larger visit I'd like to start in New York as that's where I'll be flying into first. Make my way down to Utah &, most certainly, San Fran as, I believe, there's still hippies there. 8) As well as the AAK school etc in that part of the States.

What I need is advice from fellow forumites over there about cheap accommodation etc & travel.

Any info at all will be most appreciated by me AND my sitar. 8)
It would be great to meet anyone along the way as, because I'm selling my house, there wouldn't be any real restrictions on time.

Nick in the UK

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Hi Nick,
Look me up when you're in NYC. We have a regularly updated listing of all major ICM events both for BIG Concert halls and private concerts in homes and lofts. September is the best time of the year for ICM in New York. Shahid Parvez plays little house concerts on a pretty regular basis and there are frequent free concerts up at the Indian consulate.
.......Re: accomodations, that's always tough in NYC. I can certainly recommend economical hotels and in a pinch, we have a couch here that lots of visiting musicians have slept on for a night or two.

Senior Member
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Hey Nick-
As you make your way west, come and stay with me and Geetanjali in Sacramento, CA. We live about 1 hour outside SF and San rafael where the AACM is. Nice guest room, good company, good food....a good time. Just holler when time draws!-Josh

Just a listener now....Was fun while i played though!
trippy monkey

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Thanks both for the info & the generous offers. As & when I know my travel plans I'll contact you both.

Anything you both offer would be most appreciated because, as you both know, I've travelled around India & been in some pretty 'cheap' places. I don't think I've caught anything yet though. Not YET anyway.

Thanks again.
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