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I saw the program "Luxury India" on AZN TV this weekend. They were visiting Vanarsi and particularly the "International Music Ashram." Interviews and shots from inside the school. Some sitar, violin and...electric guitar.

They showed a gentleman playing raga on a big jazz-type hollow-body electric guitar. The guitar was laying in his lap and the amp was right beside him. He was using a steel slide on it. Tabla were accompanying. Didn't see nor hear tanpura. This was the only music they played--even when showing a sitar lesson, the guitar music was playing over it.

They also visited a music shop in the city. There were all kinds of indian and western instruments. The owner(?) said that Tabla was the most popular item from his store.

Apparently Vanarsi is a musical/arts center.

This episode is worth checking out.
trippy monkey

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I know of this place. It's in a little side street away from the main drag in Varanasi.
Sounds like a typical case of bad editing re the prog. As usual!!
Maybe the sitar lesson was pretty bad. :wink: This type of Indian slide guitar is getting popular in India now. We see one in every shop almost but they are quite expensive, even in India.

Unfortunately we don't get AZN TV in the UK. Can anyone record it & post a clip on a site?

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