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In the absence of personal classes is there a good tuition DVD that anyone could recommend? There are a number of them available on Amazon. Unfortunately there is not one by our host (David) to accompany his excellent books which have been invaluable to me.

On a separate note, here are some nice videos I came across which many of you may already know:

- amazing young girl teen player

- "the speaking hand' wonderful complete documentary on Zakir. German subtitles with lots of english dialogue from Zakir. - interview with Charlie Rose and Zakir, the ultimate student.


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Very nice clips. By the way the subtitles are dutch,a country, next to germany.

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Welcome to the forum, friend. I do not know off-hand of any good DVDs for learning tabla, but I wanted to ask, if there are no teachers in your area, whether you have considered online lessons over skype. It certainly is not the ideal format, but has an added benefit over a DVD that someone can watch you and correct you.

- V

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Originally Posted by "Vivek" lessons over skype. It certainly is not the ideal format...
Actually, I wonder - what is the ideal format for learning music? I suppose staying with one's guru and having daily supervised riyaz. Short of that, I am more and more convinced that online Skype lessons ARE the ideal format for most students in today's hectic world.

- no travel time (for student, but also for the parent)
- easier to reschedule
- can be taken even when guru or student is traveling for concerts, business, etc.
- less disruption to the family - either guru's or student's (e.g., one of my students is deathly afraid of my dog, so I crate my dog during lesson time)
- choice of many teachers worldwide to suit your style

Most people tend to focus first on the technical aspects of the video call, ignoring all these other issues that disrupt our in-person studies. But Skype is optimized for up to 8.5 Khz audio, so there is very little compromise in lesson quality with ever-increasing bandwidth.

I have recently added a tabla demo lesson on YouTube linked from my home page Shows an actual tabla lesson - not a "canned" presentation. I know I'll never go back to driving anywhere for my lessons (or my son's), and I encourage all teachers and students to try it.

I welcome comments on the demo or from anyone who has tried Skype lessons. I haven't seen a real discussion of the merits of online learning.


Raj Puranik
Learn music online

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Thank you both for your suggestions, I had not considered lessons over skype but definitely something I will think about.

You raise some good points Raj regarding the benefits of online learning. For me the ideal will always be one-to-one lessons with an experienced teacher. There is so much more communicated from teacher to student in a personal lesson than just technical skills. This subtle communication exchange and delicate tabla sounds is a dynamic that I believe cannot be equally expressed through a two dimensional medium. Having said that, if as in my case a 'live' class is not currently possible than the online alternative seems very suitable and the next best thing. Even better may be a combination of both. Maybe the 'ideal' type of learning medium is determined by the scenario of each individual student.

Thank you again for your helpful comments.
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