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Hi All:

Was just playing this and was enjoying it a lot so I thought I would post. Khanda jati means it is in fives:

Daan _ | Dhe Ki Te *
Ge Na | Na Te Te
Ge Ge | TeRaKitTukKe
Kran _ | Tin Na _
TukKe TunNa | Ge _ _

(Kira NaGe | TerKitaTukKe
Dha _ | DheReKitaTukKe**) x 3

-Each bar is a 'beat', in the order of 1-2 | 1-2-3
-play this entire thing 3 times, it being a chakradar
* - Dhe Ki Te--Lead with index on shahyi, play Te-Te-Te with baya on first
**-Unusual (for me, anyway) to play just one "DheRe". Also, this is a tihai filler, so third time around don't play it, it is a one beat gap.

This isn't easy, but is fun when you get it--playing in fives makes it drag, speed up, drag, speed up in a cool way.

Good Luck and have fun,

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That's a very nice composition, TukKrandha! It's good to see some interesting rhythmic stuff being posted. For my own contribution along this vein, I'll post a nice Khanda Jati laggi:

DhatiDhaghena / Dhaghenakata
TatiTaKena / Dhaghenaghena

this is an excellent little groove to use when starting up an extended Khanda Jati section. Since it's not very flashy it can be used as a theme to return to in between different pieces. For example, from tintal begin playing this laggi, and then play TukKranDha's chakradar or perhaps even a Jhaptal kaida or rela, then return to the laggi. If you listen to Alla Rakhaji and Zakirji's playing you will hear them do things like this all the time. (One example: Misra jati on track 4 of Zakir's Selects album.)
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