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I STILL have that fantastic HR? EIGHT stringer here in the UK. Did I tell you I was offered a grand,

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Originally Posted by mahadev

Now here is an interesting one :

Believe it or not, this is very likely a real Hiren Roy. It is teak and HR often used to finish his teak sitars in this color. The nut and tailpiece look right, actually everything looks right. Upper tumba is missing. This was probably made to order for someone who wanted a UVK style sitar in teak with an upper tumba.
It is in very bad shape but could be a great project if you can get the price down . I would pay 200 US on the spot.
Someone should take this on. Worth saving !

PS had another look, no doubt about it, this a real HR.

Katyrow, your next project ?

PS had yet another look, wow, this could be great. Much work but this should be saved ! Old, well matured teak, could turn out to be spectacular.

I ended up picking this one up.  It's done except for jawari.  Will post photos soon.
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