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This is just a few things to expect. On Friday we will change the DNS servers.

What this means is that the URL will start to direct requests for to the new servers instead of the old one. but it takes time for the new information to ripple across the internet. Most people will bill be directed to the new servers within 24 hrs. But for some people it may be up to a week.

Furthermore the orientation of the forums will be different. The old one was not handheld friendly, so in order to accommodate people who use their cell phone a lot, the new system will be very different. I understand that people are averse to change so many of you will not like it. But please understand the reason for the change.

The new forums will not be at the same URL. If you have bookmarked them, your bookmarks will fail. After this Friday you will have to manually type in then manually navigate down to the forums. Once there you can create new bookmarks.

The new forums will naturally have some teething problems. Any issues you deal with should be reported to me directly at my email address. It is

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.


David Courtney

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Thanks David. Looking forward to the new site!
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