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This saturday, October 31st
@ The Psalm Salon

The Lenny Seidman Tabla Choir was formed in 1996 as part of Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra which began in the same year. The tabla choir explores the melodic, harmonic, dynamic, textural and compositional potential of several tabla players including Lenny Seidman, Dan Scholnick and Mike Nevin.

Lenny Seidman is a tabla player/teacher and composer. He has studied tabla with Zakir Hussain, Ishwarlal Misra, Chotelal Misra and Kiran Deshponde, and South Indian music with Adrian L'Armand. He directs his tabla ensemble, is co director of Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra and is an original member of Atzilut, the Middle Eastern Arabic/Hebrew ensemble that tours internationally and has performed at the United Nations. He recently toured internationally with Rennie Harris' epoch "Facing Mekka" for 70 performances.

Lenny has also performed with countless musicians and choreographers throughout the Americas including Zakir Hussain, Kenny Endo, Simon Shaheen, Michael Daugherty, Elio Villafranca, I Dewa Puta Berata, Philip Hamilton, Kenny Muhammed, Ursula Rucker, Yair Dalal, Rennie Harris, Roko Kawai, Helmut Gottschild, Myra Bazell, Christine Cox, Cheng-Chieh Yu, Ananya Chaterjea, Pallabi Chakravorti, Cynthia Lee, Nina Martin, Benoit LeChambre, Kim Arrow and Group Motion Dance Company. He has many recording credits including Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra, Atzilut, Facing Mekka sound track and LL Cool J.

His creative work has been supported by Pa. Council on the Arts, Independence Foundation, Meet the Composer, Pew Dance Advance, Rockefeller Foundation, N.E.A. and APPEX (Asian Pacific Performing Arts Exchange). He is also Guest Artist at Swarthmore College and World Music & Jazz curator at Painted Bride Art Center.
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