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Originally Posted by "yussef
Hi. (to m141):
Am sure the Ustad I quoted would let you live enough as to hear you demonstrate said Hemant moves - convincingly, that is.

(I doubt any Ud/Pt would issue any finger-prohibitions ... IF the AURAL RESULTS matched those of her/his forebearers: another part of the problem there could be that probably not ONE of their students actually managed a close-enough sonic impersonation no matter how many fingers used, so as to convince them).

Other than that: d'you really feel safe having typed THAT here (above)? BEWARE!: Hell, You might just gotten yourself into 'certified-victim' status doing it ... be sure to keep a low profile & put a blade in that narkas!

(Am joking, of course! - I just liked that comment of yours). Have fun!
Yeah...I agree! it's the aural result that matters however I must admit that I'm not too fussed about matching forebearers....sounds a bit clanny to me!
Oh I'm in real big trouble

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Kitty Kat: yes he WAS testing me, and I FAILED. Ran out of patience and came back to start a rock band here and bang a buncha hippy chicks (I was celibate in India by choice, also vegetarian, also practicing yoga pretty deep, and of course sitar). Yes he was testing me but at the same time he taught me SO MUCH and not just about sitar. About life. Many hours together in the evenings in Simla especially. It can be so difficult when you are totally in AWE of someone to look at them as a friend, in fact it is almost impossible. But he made it easy somehow. He was my friend.

I suppose in a way I DID pass the test, because shortly before I left I was in his music room for a lesson and he told me "it is time for you to learn a rag". True to form, he asked ME to choose a rag, so I chose "GAYATI" and he gave me a simple ditty to get me started practicing. This may have been the last lesson I received from him, I think it was in fact. It was just BEFORE I came back. And just AFTER I actually played for him for really the first and last time. I mentioned before, he took me to the studio the very night he accepted me as his student and put HIS sitar in my hands and said (in the freakin studio) "here - you play. You be me when I was 12 years old."

And I just froze could not play a LICK.

Well anyway after being with him quite some time one day I found myself downstairs in his Simla home with my Hemen in hand, Don't really remember how I got there, that is where we often had lunch but maybe after lunch I had a lesson and then he went updtairs? Anyway I was pretty sure he was within earshot, and I started to play. Not something you would normally do, you always ask for permission: "permission to play, Ustad?" but I figured I was OK, he never stood much on formality anyway so I started to play. Although he had only given me the scale, I had of course been onstage with him for most of his Indian concerts and I picked up a LOT (I have a very good ear) and so in Simla and Rishikesh besides doing the scale I was PLAYING, fitting the hooks together I had learned from hearing him onstage, other things, my own things, so I played. I played for Ustad Vilayat Khan. Maybe 15 or 20 minutes........

He said nothing about it but the next time I came in for a lesson was when he gave me my first rag. He never said anything at ALL to me about this, or about my playing for him this one time. He just gave me the rag then he went on tour, my Father came to India on a business trip and somehow we ended up at - I think - Arvind Parikhs house (in Delhi? - this was I believe late 60s) for a big dinner party. Someone - musta been Arvind but I cannot swear to it - came over to me and said with a very serious mein, quietly, privately "He says you are good". WHA?? "Ustad says you are very good"

Coulda knocked me over with a feather. Anyway, I believe I hurt and disappointed him by leaving, I was just a young idiot with too much life to live. Now 40 years, 3 wives, 4 children, and 8 (?) careers later I am back where I started. He is and always has been my inspiration and my guiding light. "Aftar-e-Sitar" Hatched the idea for the electric in SIMLA (40 years ago!!) but only when I learned of his death did it trigger me to actually roll up my sleeves and do it. That was 8(10?) years ago. I have been in development for that long....

Too many strings and not enough brains I guess : )

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Hi. (to fossesitar, etc): Ok, so here's my Q/A 'experience w/ qualified Ustad' regarding these matters:


Dasani - the official bottled water of ICM
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yussef ali k

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Hi. (to povster et al): Thanks for replying - please do think about posting your own
trippy monkey

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Please go back to playing guitar & leave all the technical stuff to those who want to do this 'right'!! :wink:

I love to see you put all this bakwas to Ustad Shahid Parvez & ask him how he manages to do ALL he does with 'only' TWO fingers. Maybe we should be wondering, the Ustad too, how much better he'd be if he used all four?!?!? :wink:

yussef ali k

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Hi. (to t.monk.):
1a) Thanks for the thoughtful advice - anyway I cannot go back to the guitar ... cos I NEVER LEFT it !!! - never felt I had 2 forsake 1 for the other, and personally I think in MY place it would be quite naive (stupid?) to do it after 26yrs ... & some accomplishments.
... so I won't be able to comply w/ your above
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