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It was mentioned in the S. Gurinder thread that kathak dance influenced the Benares gharana (via the Lucknow gharana) in terms of technique as well as compositions which is:
"characterized by more resonant, open handed techniques. ... Because this {Lucknow} gharana has been greatly influenced by the need to accompany kathak (D. Courtney, Focus of the Kaidas of Tabla, page 87).
And this influence filtered down to the Benares gharana. (part of the resonance of kathak dancer is due to the ankle bells they wear, called Ghungroo. I actually bought myself a pair a long long time ago thinking I might like to learn to dance Kathak style! ahhh... the folly of youth!)

In any case, it just so happens that my Nepalese friend, Pandit Homnath Upadhyaya, has a chapter on the bols of kathak in his tabla book (due out next year), and this is a page from that chapter, showing the rough equivalence of the kathak bols and the corresponding tabla bols, along with a kathak tukra, which I thought might be of some interest:

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