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WOW! All this praise for the teak sitar has really brightened my outlook! Thank you all so much! This really means a

lot. The day-to-day dealings in India has pretty much killed my spirit but with the support shown here on the forum,

I'm inspired to press on.

After a few weeks of playing and jawari touch-up, the sound is really coming out. What has really surprised me is how

great the sustain is. I'm becoming a banner toting teak advocate.

A point was brought up regarding this sitars presentation as a self serving promotion. From the viewpoint outside of my

own, I have to agree. After all, I am an established "vendor" with sitars to sell. It's a shame I'm not making any

money doing this. The shipping "agents" here see to that with a vengance. Fortunately my income is from other sources.

If I were putting on price tags, offering sales, spamming the forum mercilessly and being a general pain in the ass,

anyone would be more than justified to get me booted outta here. Speaking of boots, I love that Tony Lama boot /

violin! Good stuff!

I figure I am a registered supporting member of this forum who can offer all kinds of advice pertaining to sitar,etc. I

also have recommended other vendors when the topic of available parts comes up. That's logical, anyway. Point is, I

have an equal voice on this forum and from my years involved with sitars, a useful voice. I'm not into the caste system

or heavy marketing and freely supply information on any aspect of sitar maintenance. Subjects like jawari, fret tying,

etc. really require a live visual presentation - tough to do in a text format. I welcome any and all questions about

these wonderful instruments and bend over forwards to come up with a useful and helpful solution. I've learned a few

neat tricks from others here as well. This forum works, that is clear.

So, that being said, when I have other instruments to showcase, most likely the museum or custom shop pages, I will

make such announcements. It's clear that my efforts are appreciated. It cannot be expressed in words how good I feel

getting your feedback. I can promise that no reference to price, availability, etc. will be made. I do respect the

"forum" nature of this invaluable service that David has provided here. I sincerely hope my efforts, tips or instrument

presentations are not taken in any way as a slick sales pitch. Again, my deepest thanks to you all!


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Tony thanking us?! I'm sure the general consensus is that we're far more indebted to your knowledge, your craft, and your general helpful personality than you are to us! heh.

It's kind of funny, a few years back when I was hunting for my first sitar I remember getting a lot of heat from a lot of people (not necessarily on this forum) for wanting an unconventional and customized sitar. Tony was one of the few people who was willing, if not eager, to work with me. It's always good to have new innovative thinkers in a ethos that seems to be more traditional as a rule. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying either is right/wrong good/bad, but it just keeps things fresh. Variety is the spice of life of course. So Tony, thank you for going through whatever hardships and uphill battles you're experiencing to bring the world your fine instruments. I wish there was a more genuine way for those of us who can't afford to buy/commission one of your instruments to show our appreciation.

I'll have a pint of guinness in your honour, is that a good start?

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Bottoms up, good fellow! I'm slugging down the morning coffee in salute!

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Mr. Tony Karasek is no common salesman, but rather a fine gentleman, a brilliant craftsman, and a musician's musician - no doubt.
My apologies for any and all comments I've made that he or anyone has viewed as disparaging him or his unique and invaluable passion.
We are all indeed fortunate for his generous participation here.

Most sincerely,
Mr. Bobu
trippy monkey

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As one who has actually met & been smacked around the bonce by this gentleman's unfathomable knowledge of sitars & absolutely invaluable sitar maintenance, I can vouch for having learned more in the few days I stayed with him & his lovely wife than I ever had before that.

Thanks are not enough, Tony.

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Tony K,
Being a novice on sitar, but just loving everything about it (sound, construction, design etc) I really appreciate all your technical tips/tricks on this forum. Very valuable from someone who knows a sitar literally inside and out. So your thanks returned.

Nice to drool over your creations on your site, specially that teak beauty. Look forward to your next post.

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Can I have my money now????
"Words are said to have a delusive nature (Mahamaya Matrika) because the word itself, although it may contain a reference to an object is often surrounded by clusters or Kulas of lesser Shaktis...."
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