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My wife keeps the house pretty cool often (around 65 at night etc). I leave the house sometimes with my tabla & sarangi which in the summer is sometimes in the 90s with high humidity.

I really never thought of anything of this until I seen a split in both of my tabla after 3 years. Looks more like a slit next to the syahi on both. I was thinking it could have been split from the temp differences but I am not sure. I am asking because I dont want this to happen to my sarangi as I would faint . It is sitting in a leather case and was thinking of building a wooden box and putting some of those dehumidifier pouches. Would this be better?

Looking for any advice on this.


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I assume you're living in India or some other similar -climate place.
My experience's limited but in '98 a recorder-flute lost its voice completely because of the monsoon humidity absorption (got back to usual after the stuff evaporated).

Leather absorbs (/gives away) moisture like crazy, so I THINK you're definitely asking for trouble: I Like the look of those old leather cases & etc., but as stylish as you may find 'em, if you want to keep instrument safely in it, I'd say 1st get it BONE-dry & then get it inside a big hermetic plastic bag (Transparent's better so that you'll easily keep an eye on what's inside).

I hate plastic on instruments as much as like it for protection: In a very dry climate, I'd skip it, though.
Hope this helps.
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