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Thanks for the Shree and M/Pahadi.
I dont know about Tejendra, he very melodous, but allmost to a fault! I mean after a while he sounds syrupy sweet.
He definately has the repertoire but his playing still comes off as light and i'm tempted to say a bit...showoffy.He lacks the seriousness of the sarodists of the yesteryears. It also seems like he attempts to play faster than he really can, and at that point clarity is just out of the window.
Also after listening to about a dozen concerts of his, I couldn't help not to observe his right hand! is it me or i just dont hear bols?? kinda sounds like listening to the mandolin. just wondering???
I'm saying this in the same breath as saying he's a very amazing player too!
Oh my point of writing this is NOT critism but just wondering if anyonne else shares this view or is it just something IM missing? Ive heard several posters say that he IS the sarodist of today

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he used to learn mandolin before going to Ut. Bahadur Khan, so no wonder.
You know, music, art - these are not just little decorations to make life prettier. They're very deep necessities which people cannot live without. ~~ Pablo Picasso

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@ JaiS: Yes, i also have the same opinion like you. Off late Tejendra Mazumdar's performances are not that much appealing. Recently heard one of his Radio prog with Subhankar Banerjee... sorry to say.... not good at all. I think he lacks seriousness.
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