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I believe I can speak to both sides of this issue.

On the one hand, $70 to $90 per hour is what you typically pay for a competent mechanic to work on your car (at least at a dealership) so in comparison with that (or the rates for a shrink !!) this is a bargain for a teacher the status of Ustad Imrat Khan.

On the other hand I consider $70 per hour to work on my bike outrageous. So, go figure. To each his own.

Certainly "skype" and the like will become MUCH faster and MUCH improved very quickly, in the next year or two.

I am going to put together some You Tube videos on basics of sitar hand position (both hands) and techniques that will be available at no charge on my FOSSE SITAR You Tube site. I figure it is to my benefit to do this, we need new players and new musicians on sitar.

I will let y'all know when this is in place, certainly before end of the year.

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I am studying with rafat khan he is great teacher and performer and he charge reasonable amount for one lesson it will cost 20 dollar or

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How much do teachers generally charge for Indian students?
Ramon Rivases

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With pleasure I read the thread of the post and followed with curiosity. allow me my opion but sorry for my bad English because I am using a translator and the errors of language can be a reason for misinterpretation.I live in a small town in Spain no more than 4000 people and where to learn classical music from India is something like the search for the holy grail, in fact Spain in that aspect is a rather inospito terrain.Well for years I have taken online classes with various teachers (not master and here I qualify and it is important because I think that in that aspect what defines a master are many things and not only its ability to interpret but that is a much broader subject )In the past I had the opportunity to visit India on numerous occasions but well this is just a point of reference to indicate that it is a little first hand as are the lessons, teachers and experience has always been and I always say NEFASTA totally NEGATIVE, disoriented prices, lack of interest and a little concealed intention to get concerts and programs in my country .... by god only a humble student not a promoter. maybe I have a vision romantic and ancient of what a master and disciple relationship should be ... and this I think is really difficult.Regarding the prices obviously each one asks for and I pay what I consider .... but those prices of exorbitant from my point of view .... what is the average salary in india?How much is a student supposed to pay in India? (sometimes nothing).because it is supposed that in the west prices can rise so much in my case it means almost the work of several days in the highest prices. in many ways I personally believe that the north has been lost.clearly everyone needs money to live and evidently this I believe that after all is the law of supply and demand, but I would like to think that it was still possible to find someone who would take the teaching as a transmission of a sacred art with everything that implies ... delivery, sincerity, dedication and a "healthy" relationship without the issue of money not being dominate.Even in spite of the many unsuccessful attempts and the multiple disappointments, I continue to search for sure that in the end it is possible to find.greetings to all
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