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Most often it's hard to discern the bols of a fast kerwa by just listening than watching the video. But I think what's played between 45 -50 secs is Dha Te dha Ta, Ta Te dha dha ( Te is the middle finger or the right palm) or a minor variation there of. This is a standard run-of-the mill style. Please visit Tej Singh or Gurwinder Singh's tutorials for additional details. Both are very genuine teachers. Gurwinder Singh explains the lessons in Hindi but the bols are shown on the screen are in English. Tej Singh is also a great teacher, very student oriented. a very level headed individual. He is also a good singer and provides the listeners with practical applications of various tals!! I watch his videos a lot. Please visit the link to the u-tube by Gurwinder Singh lesson 3 for the bols of the tal in question. Tej Singh also has this but I can not locate the lesson #
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