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Edison, New Jersey, October 13, 14, 20, 21 and 27, 28, 12 - 5 PM

In the workshop the participants will learn how anyone, with minimal musical sense, with or without prior knowledge of tabla, can develop compositions of any kind by applying simple rules and logic. The technique is all encompassing, and does not rely on the traditional system of learning, and hence one can easily experiment with multiple interpretations of a given composition, generating separate musical expressions. The method is extremely efficient, and is suitable for fast and easy learning and mastering of tabla by anyone.

The workshop will be open to tabla players of all levels. However, since a considerable amount of material will be covered in the six days of the workshop, it may not be suitable for beginners.

The full documentation of the workshop material is available in a book entitled "Step-by-Step Development of Tabla Compositions From the Ground Up." The book demonstrates the step-by-step development of well over two thousand compositions of all types -- from the very simple to the most complex, from the well known to the not-so-well known to the totally unknown -- and includes a complete theory of tihai.

The fee for the workshop, including the book, is $1,000. The book can be purchased separately for $300. Those who already have purchased the book can attend the workshop for $700. Confirmation is required by October 3.

For further information please contact Dr. Pal at 732 494 3716, email:

Dr. Mrinal Pal received traditional training in tabla for more than thirty years from Afaq Hussain Khan and Wazid Hussain Khan of Lucknow. He has also spent many years studying the repertoire and styles of the leading exponents of other gharanas (schools). His research over a period of more than twenty years has led to an extremely efficient and elegant method of developing tabla compositions by applying two basic principles and following simple logic, starting from practically nothing. The method is easy to understand and can be learned in a short time. It is not in conflict with anything taught in the traditional methods. Nor does it require any change in playing styles. It will benefit all tabla players wishing to improve their understanding of the art and science of tabla playing, and bring out the best in them. In the case of the advanced students and professionals the method will reinforce their previous learning. The method is described in detail in the book.
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