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Hello Tabla enthusiasts!
I just wanted to notify the community of the fantastic opportunity that's being offered to learn from a true master of the instrument. Sandip Burman is teaching Tabla right here in Chicago! I am a current student of his, and let me tell you first hand that my experiences learning from him have been, and continue to be some of the most rewarding, enlightening, and entertaining of my life! Somebody had posted his information here (as you'll see if you scroll down the forum page), and I feel so incredibly fortunate that I have been able to find such a great teacher.
Tabla is one of the most fascinating instruments on planet Earth. Unlike all other instruments that I've studied (piano, guitar, bass, and the standard drum set), there is this depth, this history, and this (these) tradition(s), that seem to stretch far beyond the realm of what most of us in the west seem to grasp - not only in Tabla alone, but in Indian music in general. (Keep in mind also that classical Indian music goes back about 3,000 years, in contrast to only a few hundred here in the west.) of My point is that it is almost absolutely necessary to learn from a teacher when it comes to Indian music, and the instruments used to play it. I had been studying Tabla from a few very good books, and was able to grab a hold of some of the basic concepts and rhythms, but it wasn't until I went to Sandipji and saw first hand what it truly takes to fully understand and play the wonderful instrument that is Tabla! Please visit his website: for pricing and contact information.
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