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Hello everyone,
I'm in New Zealand for a year. And for 3months now i'm here i start to really miss my tabla ! I brought my kartals and a kanjira to practice but it's not the same at all !! Unfortunatelly ! I come here to see if anyone knows how i can get some travel tablas here in NZ, i mean junior tabla for example. I need really tiny instruments cause i'm travelling around in a wee van. Which means moisture and heat differences, so i can't get great tablas, or i will wreck them too quickly !
I was thinking about a naal as well, which I can carry around more easily. Maybe it's the better way, i don't know.
Actually I don't know for the prices for the shipping, i checked on jas musicals which is in London, but it's about 150€ to ship them to NZ, which is too expensive for me. It is almost the price of the instrument. I was thinking of maybe send from india, which is closer so it means cheaper.
Or maybe someone knows anyone in NZ who plays tabla and can give me an advice ?

Any idea mates ?

Thanks for your replies !


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A shot in the dark, perhaps, but worth trying I think. Look up any Gurdwaras (Sikh Temples) - most of the larger cities in NZ should have them. Typically, they do have musicians visiting from India on an ongoing basis and who may sell you their Tabla once their stint is over and they are ready to head back to India. I know some folks who have gotten some really decent gear this way.
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