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I'm not sure how many members are aware that the forum has a tabla composition database, though it's more or less defunct and no longer active as such (last submission was 6 years ago I think). Most of the submissions are largely relatively well known compositions (or small variations thereof) and may not be that interesting to everyone. Still, I've just spent the last hour looking at each one and trying them (as best I can) just in case there some hidden gems, and indeed there several (for me anyway). The database is here...

I've actually found about half a dozen or so that are worth further exploration. Here are my three favorites:

This one is my favorite by far. It's a kaida (but feels like a rela) by gnan prakash ghosh ...

Next is a kaida-rela by Skahek Dawook Khan (David Courtney's tabla teacher)...

Finally, a gat. No gharana or composer is given but I think it may be lucknow ...

btw, these are my 3 favorites in part because they each feature one of my favorite phrases of late, namely "gerenaga" and "tete gerenaga" (though often notated as "gidanaga").


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