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I posted this as a reply to evenings tarab emergency post, but feel it may merit its own topic, as fingernails can play an important role, depending on your instrument.

I have very thin fingernails. Totally useless for playing. The little finger nails would always break and split and never grew long. Even when they did a few days later breaks and splits. For the past several months I have gone to a nail salon and had either "gel fill" or "silk wrap" applied to the fingernails of my small fingers. Only costs 3 or 4 dollars a nail and it lasts a few weeks before the nail grows out enough for the ridge (from the extra material on the nail being exposed as the nail grows out) to start catching on the string. Basically they apply an adhesive and a powder (gel fill) or an adhesive and silk cloth (silk wrap). The gel fill is what I neded up with, having tried both, as it is a bit stronger than the silk wrap. But both wroked very well. They are rock solid and I can pound the chicaris on my newly acquired vin with abandon. They no longer break or split and look natural.

I confess to getting a minacure and pedicure at the same time. Most luxurious and your fingers and toes look. I now can expose my left foot with pride while playing sitar.

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try 1000 mcg of biotin for a coupla months. this stuff can dramatically strengthen nails, also great for falling/thinning hair! my esteemed Motha has very fine hair and was dismayed at hairloss, her MD suggested this, and she's very impressed wth the results, both hair and nails.
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