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Hello friends and sarangi enthusiasts,
I am going to string my second vintage sarangi soon and would like to see if other more experienced players can give some advice on this subject. I am willing to purchase better quality strings if it will improve the performance and playability.
First, what are good gauges of harp gut main playing strings and where is the best place to source them online? Right now I am using a red gut string tuned to D for my high Sa and it is great but I don't know what the gauge is to purchase a new one. I am using a traditional gut string for PA and a Cello D string for the kharaj string. I wish to use a gut kharaj string on this next sarangi.

Secondly, on which tarab is it best to use use brass or bronze? Is there a big difference in sound quality? I like a bright sound. I was thinking of stringing my jawari tarabs using #24 brass. Is this advisable? What is a good typical tuning arrangement?

Thirdly to make good use out of the 4th or chicary string what gauge should I be using there? Is it normally tuned low and does it get plucked or is it another sympathetic string?
Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks for reading,

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