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Got unverified news about the ill-being of Tawfiq, the admin of famous blog "oriental tradition of music lp". can any near one pl share his current status ?

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very sad news from India Instruments...
4. Brief News: Live Concerts Online, Mantra Movie Digital, Axel Elbin Deceased
- Scene Info -

Axel Elbin Deceased - Passionate Music Collector
From the mid 90s onwards one often saw a man with a huge CD sales festivals and big concerts of Indian music in Central Europe. Axel Elbin presented hundreds of records on such occasions, common titles of the then flourishing European labels as well as his own imports from India and the USA. Enthusiastic concertgoers with a desire for a souvenir gathered around his table as did passionate raga lovers in search of the latest novelties or the remotest rarities. He was also present on the internet with his website, where he offered the world's largest assortment of traditional music from South Asia and the Persian and Arabian cultures. When the CD boom came to an end about 10 years ago, with many labels giving up and less and less rewarding events taking place place, Axel Elbin collected an overwhelming amount of digitised historical recordings in a blog from 2011 and published them with extensive, knowledgeable and subtle comments. His last post dates from March. In mid-April, he wrote to a friend that he was not well. After that he died relatively soon and surprisingly. Unfortunately, we do not have any further details. Efforts are currently being made to secure his blog including the music collection and to make it publicly accessible.

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My condolences to his family and friends. I will be downloading a lot of stuff this week. 
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