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Dear Brothers and Sisters

As you have all been aware, we have had some problems with robot spammers. I thought that I would let you know how things are going.

To begin with, we all need to thank our moderators. Due to their vigilance, spam posts have an average lifespan of only about half an hour. The spam member list is some what longer, but I would say that the average spammer is on the member list for about 6 hours. Since most users seldom peruse the member list, this is not nearly as annoying a problem.

Still, relying on the good will of our moderators is not the answer. Yesterday I took the drastic action of blocking about 2 million IPs. There were a number of considerations that I used in deciding what these IPs would be. Most of which were rather arcane, and of really no interest to people who do not follow the technical minutia of the internet. However I can say that the vast number IPs blocked were in Russia and the Ukraine.

As drastic as this action may sound, I am under no illusion that it will bring the assault of spammers to a complete halt. However I feel that it should make the job manageable.

Obviously this will impact a large number of potential users from Russia, Ukraine, as well as Latvia and a few other countries. However I feel that this represents a very insignificant number of users of this site.

However I am not insensitive to the fact that if you happen to be one of those unfortunate users who are adversely effected, it is very significant to you. If you have found yourself banned and consider yourself a legitimate user, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

I will look into your case and do whatever I can.


David Courtney
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