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Shane Naicker

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I am in South Africa and I am trying to learn how to play the Tabla.
My guru Is South Indian and I am confused on how he pronounces the
Tabla Notes. Can anyone assit me In telling me what the south Indian Notes and combinations are. As well as If you have a Diagram.
Thank you.

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The tabla is a North Indian Intrument, and anyone trying to use Southern Indian notes to teach it may be trying to use Mridangam technique on a tabla. Please be wary of this. “Ta Ka Ja Nu” or “Ta Ki Ta” are all Mridangam notes.

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Yes, there is a vast difference between Hindustani and Carnatic (South) Classical music and Tabla is a North Indian drum, as already pointed out in the other posting.

Try the following sites, where you will find lessons on both types of classical music, on playing Khol, which is nearest instrument to Mridingum and also tabla. Also, ragas and harmonium. The site is very educational.

1. Google -- KKsongs Music Centre and hopefully, this is the site run by ISKON and their web master is a professional musician with excellent teaching material and which can be accessed from South Africa.

2. Http:// This would lead you to the site to explore Indian music in detail.

As someone outside of India and as a non-Indian learning tabla and Indian music without a teacher, I found these sites to be very useful.
I hope you are able to access these sites from South Africa. If not, please make a post and perhaps I can help you by posting some other information. The road to learning Indian music is a long and a winding road but if you take a step ata time, you will make progress and you will find the music divine and enriching.


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Is it the pronounciation or the actual use of mridangam bols? If the actual use, then very quickly, life may become difficult after the basics. I will try to dig up some mappings, but realize that it will not be exhaustive and complete.
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