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yaniv oud

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well it seems sarod is more for me at least for now. i've tried both sarod and sitar, don't know which sound i like more but playing the sarod (as an oud player) is something much more natural for me.

i have many questions though, answers greatly appreciated. i've searched the forums and the net but could not really find many answers.

1) what is the difference between an ali akbar khan sarod to an amjad ali khan? i know the AAK has the resonator at the head and some jawari strings, but is that all? is the sound similar? is the neck the same size, and plays similarly? i read somewhere that on an AAK style sarod it is harder to pick notes accurately is that true?

2) what is the difference between the different gharanas of sarod? my teacher (had two lessons) uses the index and first finger, he is a student of amjad ali khan. he keeps his nails quite long, longer than i think would be ok for me for playing the oud. AAK used to have shorter nails and use the third finger. is there a video or something that shows close up both the shape of nails and exactly how to place them on the string, according to each or both gharanas?

3) i found i have to keep my left hand fingers very "curled" (as opposed to straight, becuase relatively short nails), but this makes playing fast alankars very difficult because to reach the distance between two notes i must straighten the finger a little and the nail loses contact. how to deal with this?
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