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dear friends,

hope you not gonna have a laugh at it but got some new music clips from some practice I di recently. It was just practice so it wasn't really my best I guess. And since I hardly ever practice with live harmonium or sarangi I kind of really strugled a bit. Was having a lot of problems with tuning too. The first clip I had to lower the tabla to Pa. The second and third were kind of ok on Sa (d#) but the 4th I was on Ni (b) wich was kind of strange but the harmonium guy said that Ni was one of the main notes of Chadrakauns....

The first clip is an improvised uthan (a very difficult introductory kind of composition that takes some serious practice and many years to get it. and I am nowhere near it yet and a slow benarasi theka + kaida (in ari lay/triplets).

The second a continuation of the first. Some kaidas. Start with a very popular benaras baant and then I play a very difficult rela that goes with the same baant. It is a dependent rela (fast composition) meaning it is meant to be played with this baant.

The third is a benarasi theka again but a bit faster.

The fourth again some of the same baants but with a different feeling I guess.

and the fith is a dheredhere rela (far too difficult for a beginner like me that started going wrong in the middle but got a very nice bass.

I will add a few more clips. Maybe a clip of some practice I did with with a sitar player. That would be just pure improvisation. Learning how to do it so....I am really dreading it!!! lol The last clip on my myspce is an old clip (about 4 years ago with a very agood young sitar player from Varanasi. Anuja Jha. Maybe the best Young (for her age) sitar player in Varanasi today (or even in India). She lives in Delhi now and learn from Sujat Khan.

Like I said, they are just practice. No need to judge it too hardly


Hari OM
laterz xx

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Shivadhyanam bhai,

Thanks for sharing your practice clips. I enjoyed listening to them very much. I don't think I am in any position to judge your playing. It sounded very good actually. The bayan was very nice. The only constructive criticism I can offer is that I noticed that on some of the clips your tabla was not in tune with the harmonium player. It sounded a bit 'off'. Other than that it was superb. Take care and keep up the great playing.

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