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Originally Posted by "pumpik"

c) The musicians themselves couldn't care less, since a major part of their revenue comes out of concerts and performances. I have this from a top notch vocalist. She performed 28 concerts in the US & Canada within a span of 2 months. At a conservative three/four or even five grand a pop, thats a substantial amount of money for just 84 hours of work.

this is a dangerous over-generalization. especially for tabla players. there is only one who gets paid like zakir hussain, and that is zakir hussain.

it's a good point - if there is no demand for tabla solo recordings (due to widespread piracy, for example), then where is the incentive for record labels to waste their resources in producing the albums??

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Hi all, I have read this thread with interest and speaking from the experience of being the guy who has produced recordings for Sense World Music I feel I can add something here from the inside of the business. First of all for all those who love ICM you have to ask a question- what dictates whether anyone can survive in any industry? A simple answer is- there has to be enough demand for your service or product and if there is not, then you will no longer be able to work in your trade, boring job or in with the thing you love.

It is simple, the download and piracy issues are destroying the whole of the music industry and make no mistake about that, and the only money left is really through live concert programmes. but let us be clear here, live concert programmes also have to stack up financially. If you do the maths on an event you or if you already run live events( you will know what I am talking about here)you will see another picture. If the equation which represents audience no.s and ticket cost per person against venue costs , artist fees, transport, hospitality and promotional costs not favourable then not much or no profit is made there either, but the artist usually has a fee and for Indian artists abroad this can be significant enough.

So what makes the equation work? The artist has to have enough profile and the music enough listeners to attract an audience and the equation has to balance favourably. How does this happen? Artists get known primarily through recorded work and the information diseminated by promotional material, ads, videos, tv. radio etc..etc..Who makes that material? Record companies or promotional/development agencies. Whether you like it or not every service has a cost- photography, writers, designers, engineers can't do this work for nothing. What is the alternative? Other people do that work for nothing! Or an artist has to become expert in all these areas and do all that work. Do I see queue of people lining up here to work hard for nothing financially for years/ NO although many try. The artist doing all this stuff is not usually viable, is a big distraction and it destroys the time needed to develop as an artist and play the music you love.

We continue to keep standards high at Sense regardless of the financial climate as it is hard for us to justify producing bad work to ourelves, you as listeners, the artist and to the heritage of the music. One thing is clear though, global sales are now at a point where promotional and other costs don't add up, people are leaving the industry in droves as they have to survive and niche music like ICM will be finished if people don't support it more than they are now and buy recordings.

As regards one point regarding royalties to artists..actually artists are not dumb, they know it is better to take an outright fee for the work because there are no royalties! or it takes so long for the puny amount to trickle through the system that it is not worth the time and trouble. Please don't think musicians are being done out of money this is not the case. if I gave you all the true figures and costs you would get quite a surprise. Also even big record companies are on their last legs and can't even consider truly artistic work most of the time which is why the general public are fed a diet of cheap to produce ( relatively) force promoted junk music just to sell enough to keep going!

Please everyone understand that ICM labels have almost disappeared now, the music, artists and people who work for very little to keeep it going need your support. if you like ICM buy it! one thing I should also tell you is that the same cycle that is happening here is happening in india too at an alarming rate and all who care about this music need to do what they can to help. My best wishes to you all and I sincerely hope you will have some great music to listen to in the future. I will sign off now as I have to do a job for a client that pays..A voice over for an unrelated to music video! I will make one recommendation for a new CD to listen to about to be released called Tappa journey by an unknown artist we are helping to develop called Sasha. She is an amazing talent, is unconnected to any big boys in india and has to work to keep her family alive in less than easy circumstances. it has been a labour of love but is a truly excellent piece of work. My best wishes to you all.
Derek Roberts
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