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I use either my Peavy Solo (10 Watts) or Roland micro-cube (2 Watts.. don't laugh!), both of which can be battery powered. I love their portablity, and am not too concerned about the absolute best sound quality as, for performing, the sound is routed to the venue's usually excellent PA system anyway. (I agree, anything less than a 10 or 12 inch speaker doesn't seem to capture the sitar's full presence.) I use either amp as an on-stage monitor (for accurate meends it's essential) or cutting above the mix when jamming at home with kit drummers or electric guitar players. The little Roland micro-cube is a wonder - it's 2 watts but sounds like 30 and the sound is crystal clear even at top volume. It's a great guitar amp too. Regarding feedback, it's just a matter of tweaking the levels and amp placement - I've never had much of a problem with it. Maybe it's the Rode condenser mic I'm using too... it seems to be pretty directional.

That Bose system looks amazing (but expensive!) I've been thinking of upgrading to a Laney A1 Acoustic Amp (65 Watts) - I've got a friend who's got one and it's superb. It doubles as a monitor, has a feedback control system, and you can basically do your own sound on stage (EQ, a bit of reverb etc.) and send the signal to the often clueless sound guy who then just needs to patch it into the board flat.

- Rex
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