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doing the tenon joint for the scroll/neck. this has to be a good solid tight joint- i'm going to add 3 pins also similar to the joint Tony described for the neck/gulu.this is a tricky joint, trimming it down to fit in the channel in the neck is just careful slow filing after rough chiseling. if you are good with the chisel you try to get it as close as possible , it's faster than filing....fitting the neck to the gulu will be similar, except i'll make the tenon square rather than rounded. this gives a little mor glue surface area, and is how i noted the rock solid joint was done in a 60 year old sitar.A dovetail joint is also used at the back of the neck/gulu joint, you see this frequently in older sitars, and it was [is!] a very good idea.
i've taken down the thickness of the inside gulu more and quite a bit off the neck. i weighed the component parts to compare to a light sitar ( 5 lb) and found i'm at about 6 lbs or so - i can live with's going to get a little lighter still as i take a bit off the tabli too.
here's a long view off the deck too, looking towards the Jemez Mtns in the west ( the s unsets this time of year are perfectly spectacular). When doing much close detail work, to keep from getting too cross-eyed/blind with my 50 year old eyeballs, pausing for a long focus is really neccessary to help preserve your eyesight! fortunately we have a very good view here and very good mountain air too.there's a huge deer down in the grass below frequently. ... he's OK there coz there's no gardened victuals, but the neighbors might plug him if he gets into their tomatoes etc.
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