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glueing the top of the neck on, making the tailpiece/string anchor. the tailpiece is the same rosewood as the pegs with sambar plate reinforcements for the main string loops. fitting this to an uneven convex gourd is, ahem, challenging, as is fitting leaves on the tumba. i used 3 ivory pegs for the tarafs,plenty of head scratching and contemplation to lay out the notches etc. this is african wart hog ivory. just so as not to offend muslim sensibilities, i bought these huge scarey tusks from a gambian hajji bead dealer. i teased him about selling forbidden pig product, and he said emphatically,"only de flesh is forbidden to us".
now i have an actual sitar body as seen in the pics!
i put a string on this project and lo and behole, it sounded like a sitar! so i have justification to complete this and start working on the fou fou ( i know it's supposed to be "frou frou" but i just like "fou fou") like leaves on the tumba, ivory inlays,upper tumba, the fun starts.
i could spend 14 hrs a day on this if other obligations did not compel me to do other things.........sigh.

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just want to say thank you for sharing the photos of your sitar build , facinating reading and pictures , ive always wanted to see someone make a sitar out of a wood other than teak or tun , just to see how it would sound an look ,very cool stuff
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