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I just heard a rumor that Shubhankar (Rimpa's gurubhai) will be soloing at AACM in San Rafael, CA. this week. I don''t have the date? I'm surprised no one's posted a notice. If anyone here does attend I hope you'll give a breif review.


If he could sing, and nature to accompany him, what need would he have for an instrument?

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I attended this but don't feel qualified at all to post a review; I'll limit myself to a few observations. The performance was a real treat; Shubhankar-ji has a very warm stage presence, smiling and connecting often with both the audience and his lahara player (Jim Owen, I believe?)

The performance was all tintal -- or rather, if he strayed into other tals, I couldn't tell -- but before he began he promised that there would be something for those who liked "odd numbers" (his words). And yes, during his freeform-sounding opening I often lost track of the rhythm between sams; but judging from the "oohs" and "aahs" coming from the audience (at seemingly random moments) he was satisfying the odd-lovers quite well.

One thing I remember very clearly is how solid his hands seemed; when not in motion they looked absolutely still, as if one were watching someone playing slowly and deliberately but sped up several times.

Apart from that I cannot say much. The speed and sound of his dhere dhere was amazing (coming from someone in the throes of trying to learn it). I recognized a few compositions, which was exciting. He played a composition he called a famaishi chakardar which, even though it was a chakardar, arranged to have "dha-" fall on the intermediate sams. I am not sure why, but that composition in particular stuck in my head.

About the only problem was that both the dayans he had available had a buzz in the syahi. He initially chose the sweeter-sounding of the two, but after a comment from the audience about the buzz he switched to the other one. Oh well.

The ~2 hour performance seemed to fly by. How I wish I were able to buy a recording!

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I just picked his CD on the Senseworldmusic label the other day and it's very good. Great liner notes on all the compositions. I definilty recomend it!
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