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Hello everyone, my name is Cody, I'm 21 years old and I am a guitar player of 9 years and guitar teacher. Always had a love for ICM and have been wondering if I should pick up a second instrument. I heard knowing some Tabla and Harmonium will be helpful to solidify rhythm and theory. Is that necessary? I'm also concerned about practice. If I choose to play an Indian instrument, how would you suggest I divide my practice time to continue praciticing guitar and also reaching a proficient level at my second instrument? Thanks for taking the time and look forward to reading your thoughts.

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Thanks for the reply. I have been considering either esraj and sitar. I tried Sarod but I found the nails to be a problem with my guitar playing. From researching information over the internet, it seems like with practice, you can manage playing esraj and sitar because they share the same tuning. It's the left hand fingering and bowing technique which will be difficult. I thought about Rudra Veena as well and I know Zia Mohiuddin Dagar was able to play Rudra Veena and sitar too. I thought about Surbahar once I felt comfortable with Sitar to play Dhrupad instead of Rudra Veena. I really have to give myself time to really ruminate and decide as with all these instruments, they require immense dedication and effort.

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Hello ji
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Dhananjay mishra

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Honestly, I would decide which ICM instrument you are most passionate about and stick with that one instrument.
These instruments take so much time and dedication that you should really focus on just one instrument.
Most people find it hard to keep up with practice even for just one.
I am historically a guitarist too, and found the sitar to be vastly more time consuming and rigorous than guitar ever was.
It isn't just the techniques of the instruments that are difficult, but also the music itself, which takes a very long time to get a hold of.

Not trying to scare you away from picking up an ICM instrument.
Just trying to suggest limiting the focus of your journey to allow a better chance for satisfying progress.
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