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I run a small family musical store in London, we've been in the business for over 40 years and have been importing musical instruments from various suppliers in India.

Having known about DMS (Delhi Musical Store) for many years before ordering from them, they looked to be a good choice to supply my store and my customers.

So I went ahead with a small order to try out the quality. That was November last year.

Unfortunately, Inni Singh promised he would send by Fedex with a tracking no. He didn't give me anything after numerous emails. He then informed me that the courier he had used had disappeared with my order. So he had to resend it again and would give me a tracking no. Again I got nothing. I seem to be getting excuse after excuse.

That was over a month ago. I have not received anything yet. I have no idea what is going on. I've never had problems with Indian suppliers before except one time when I had to contact the Indian embassy to get the supplier to send my order. That was many many years ago.

This is really disappointing as I have had many regular customers looking forward to trying out some of the instruments I ordered.

Has anyone had any dealings with DMS? Any advice as to what I should do would be really appreciated.

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Well, I'm quite disappointed that no one has been able to reply or give any advice on this.

I've gone through old posts on this forum, and it's obvious that quite a few people have ordered items from DMS and been happy with their instruments and the service they received.

My order amounts to only one box! So, waiting months for it to arrive is not reasonable any more. Postal systems in India, especially by large companies like Fedex are as efficient there as they are here. I really don't know if I'm being made a fool of or what...?

Maybe I'm being treated differently because I'm a business and not an individual?

It's been tough for small music shops like mine, I've seen a lot of them closing down the last few years. But I really believe in trying and feeling instruments before making a choice, which is why I'm trying to keep this going, especially for the many great musicians who've supported us for all these years.

Any advice by anyone, please would be really appreciated.

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Try for the help. This forum may not be a good platform.

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This isn't a helpful post, but I'd just like to say I appreciate brick-and-mortar stores like yours, and I sincerely hope you figure out what went wrong with your order. I personally order my tablas straight from the maker, so I have no idea what happens when dealing with DMS.

Djinn Fizz

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Unfortunately - this seems to be a rampant problem with Indian music shops. Inni Singh's problem is that companies like Fedex and UPS regularly destroy or lose shipments and then renege on paying insurance claims (same as they do in USA) and at one point Inni refused to pay his bill to Fedex in retaliation for their refusal to pay the claim and therefore his account was closed - so Inni is forced to work with middle men with their own Fedex accounts. The middle men are invariably scoundrels and incompetents. That said - this seems to be a big problem with Inni Singh and DMS in particular - so one cannot help but wonder what part he may be playing in the problem as his underpaid, dimwitted workers are not always known for their giving a darn about the quality of the packing work on international shipments.

I've received numerous orders from MKS, my sitar guy in Miraj and Haribau Vishwanath that always arrived on time and undamaged.

With Inni - there's always some excuse. If he says two weeks - assume that means 90 days, and that's if you constantly dun him with emails and phone calls.

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It is relay bad experience.
Here in PUNE_Maharashtra having a lot of reliable Instrument makers.
If you need some help related to PUNE or MAHARAASHTRA area you can contact me any time.
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