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A while back, in this topic
I made the comment,

This is a bit off topic, but this topic was discussed here.
It seems to be generally accepted that a person who may want to learn Rudra Veena, should begin their ICM studies with vocal, then sitar, then surbahar, then been.  I've even heard tabla as the start of the list, followed by the rest.
I've never understood that.  Vocal alone can take a lifetime to master.  Same with tabla, sitar and surbahar.  I don't see one as being more difficult or more complex than any other one.  A beginning student should be fine with any of  those studies, if the student has a good teacher.

Well, thanks to albob, my understanding has become clearer.  He has taught me:
The total cosmic depth of the veena surpasses the sitar on many many
levels it deals with cosmic yearning and inter dimensional sound while
the sitar awakens and improves the control of the usual human emotions
although pointing towards the liberation of dhrupad
(one of the reasons for the long sitar apprenticeship before veena).
I think it also goes without saying that besides the sitar
apprenticeship one would include vocal, sarangi and a miscellany of
other instruments as precursors to a serious study of the field.

Many, many thanks, albob!
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