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Thanks Allen, for reading what I have written and answering my question,  I was thinking along those lines and there were a few things that led me that way. 
but it is nice to hear it already thought out.

 It does seem that there are a lot of folks who teach who teach in quite different ways and that there is some discussion even between them on the details of some ragas. This of course does not mean that the thoughts of anyone as new as me have any relevance but from my own point of view I am atliberty to choose any route which I like as long as it makes me happy and I don’t expect anyone else to value my opinion.

someone said to me that theory in ICM is descriptive rather than proscriptive. And certainly the Bansuri has been regarded seriously for such a short time in comparison to the other instruments that there still is room for development. And of course the routes to improvisation between ICM and WM are totally different as they bothe have different contexts and aesthetics. 

But this answer makes sense to me until I find a better one. Which is the only principle I live by anyway.

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