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Hi Everyone - I am selling my sitar. Is the Forum a good place? Anyone have luck with eBay or craigslist? 

RKS - plate missing but initials branded on
c. 1980 (good provenance - details to serious)
Good shape - nicks here and there
Years of care and maintenance with Scott H and Tony K
Sweet sound! 
Fiberglass case
Seattle location

20170904_131413.jpg  20170904_131442.jpg  20170904_131508.jpg  20170904_131515_001.jpg  20170904_131546.jpg  20170904_131626.jpg  20170904_131653.jpg  20170904_131321.jpg

I haven't come up with a reasonable price and will really appreciate any help from anyone! It would be nice if someone had more time to give it the attention it deserves... .

Thank you!

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