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Every once in a while a thread will pop up asking about Paul & Co. harmoniums, or just good harmoniums in general. In this stage of my life I can say with confidence that I have played a fair share of harmoniums. I used to manage a music store and it allowed me to play dozens of new ones every year. After going on a quest to buy a new harmonium for myself I decided to make the plunge and get and Paul & Company scale-changer. I opted for the scale changer mainly because I like the feel of the keys, they’re a bit more bouncy. Upon opening the bellows and getting my first note I was very surprised. The tuning on this harmonium is remarkable. On many other makes the tremolo is uneven and often quite sour. Aside from being in 440 this harmonium has perfect tremolo. In terms of sound it’s similar to what accordionists call “swing” tuning. The volume is just right, it projects well but it’s still possible to sing with it. I’ve had some harmoniums that are way too loud, this one is just right. It has a large range of dynamics too. The keys have a great feel to them, no sticking and no warping to be found. The coupler operates very smoothly and the mechanics are nice and quiet. The scale-changer glides easily and the keys align perfectly every time. Bellows are very airtight and extremely efficient. The bellows also pulse quite nicely, and the reeds do not go out of tune when doing so. I love the fact it has a lot of drones, they are G#, A#, C, C#, D#, F, F#. Since I play in sharp keys a lot it’s a good match, but the C and F are also handy too. My harmonium is a portable model and it opens and can be packed away in seconds. The weight isn’t too bad considering it has 3 sets of reeds. Overall I couldn’t be happier. I’m pleased to have finally found a harmonium that is a perfect match for me. If you are thinking of getting a harmonium and can afford the asking price, definitely consider a Paul & Company.

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The thread topic is indeed very well detailed post, kudos my friend and God bless TS.
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