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martin spaink

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dear those-who-are-interested,

Recently I reread some articles published in softcover in 1997 and on-line for some time: the 'workshop on Tanpura' which is a collection of articles and talks and some panel-discussions by ITC-Sangeet Research Academy. As I lost the first, I found the second:
I wonder if English was the original language, it's a bit strange of tone here and there but still worth a read. The scientific approach is now 11 years old and overtaken by many next generations, think of it, any body interested in 11 year old computers, that's way past old - things move at a high pace here.

One thing you can do yourself to get a glimpse of what your ear perceives so clearly: (if you have not previously done so) take out your tanpura or sitar or what have you and put your tv-set on. If possible, get a steady test screen in bands of colors. Line-up so you have the strings between your eyes and the screen. After some experimenting and fiddling with the tuning, it becomes apparent that the next step is to find sinchronicity and thus a stroboscope which would allow the frequency of the light intermittency to tune up to the fundamental of the string (or other). Some very interesting research is done in the field of Cymatics - which is all about wave forms and patterns that sound creates in liquids and other stuffs. Among the images produced there is some truely amazing stuff. Not alone that somehow, without having developed electronic technology, Tibetan Lama's learn to visualize a 'Yantra' with a particular mantra which image was then again 'visualized' when the sound was fed to Cymatic technology, to I assume general amazement. It was developed by Hans Jenny, who went on where Chladni (copper plate, violin bow, some fine sand) left off. Considering the lore of visualization of raga's and ragini's I wonder what else lies in store. I remember a story told by a former teacher that his father interrupted him while singing saying he made the nose too big!
regards, martin

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Wow! So much to read. Many thanks!


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Cymatics....yeah! Great to see that someone else is familiar with Hans Jenny's work.....very interesting how vibrations tend to line up harmonically....I got into learning about cymatics when I began playing Didjeridu...the effect of playing in the vicinity of a singing bowl filled with water is fascinating.....haven't experimented yet with effects of sitar on contained liquids or particles........ya got me thinking about it now.....


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