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Hey y'all-
Sorry about my web box being shut down. Seems that Apple wants me to pay for the kind of traffic I've been putting through....So Now I'm given an alottment of downloads per 2 weeks. 100 file transfers.

What I'm going to be doing all summer and fall-

My Sitar teacher is going on sabbatical for 18 months and I have totally packed up his shit (Along with Manik and Josh Feinberg). Doing this left a lot of trash....some of which ended up being my treasure....Specifically about 120 recordings of various degrees of quality of Nikhil Banerjee. Some live, some house parties, some AIR...and some I'm not sure of. Almost all are in need of serious audio repair and NONE of them are CD quality. But I am going to slowly post these since i think Nikhil-Da is simply the most important sitarist out there and his work needs to be heard. I'll give a heads up when the lock down on my web box is lifted, When it is, go ahead and grab whatever I've completed that week and enjoy. Once it gets shut down, it'll be 2 weeks before it is lifted again. So just keep checking! Oh yeah-My box should be turned back on Sunday or Monday.

Just a listener now....Was fun while i played though!
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